About Reset

When you become passionate about helping people learn from your experiences, successes and mistakes, it’s really awe-inspiring to have a way to keep the learning going and have a place where others can share their own experiences and grow in their careers and as human beings.

That’s what ResetYourFuture.com is all about.

Not only is it an amazing resource packed with videos, podcasts and multi-media reference materials, it’s also a community where people can share their own Reset stories. Members learn not just by reading and watching, but by sharing their learning journey with others and exploring questions they have along the way.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been out of work. If you stay disciplined you will land a job.

It doesn’t matter if you have a job. You will learn how to significantly increase your odds in landing one with the help of ResetYourFuture.com and by reading the book, Reset: How to Beat the Job Loss Blues and Get Ready for your Next Act. ResetYourFuture.com is designed for anyone, whether you are a high-level executive looking to make your next move or a college graduate looking for your first job.

In addition to the book and helpful articles and videos, you can also gain access to one of our reset “experts,” like social media guru Beverly Macy, or HR expert Kim Giangrande.  I have also pre-screened career coaches that you can hire to help you with your search.

Our mission is to provide ongoing career advice and life learning experiences, so you can not only beat the job loss blues and get ready for your next act, but find the job you really love and see how bright your future can be.