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BooxExcerptResetReset: How to Beat the Job Loss Blues and Get Ready for your Next Act, is the uncompromising portrait of Dwain’s journey: from a successful journalist and communications professional to one who joins the ranks of the unemployed during the most dismal job market in modern history. With the help of friends, wisdom from experts, and good old-fashioned creativity and tenacity, Dwain “reset” his attitude, and his career. The hard-won, valuable advice and techniques in the book can work for anyone concerned about job loss or keeping your job, and can position you to get back on your feet, often landing in a better place. He covers a wide variety of topics with a humorous, light touch throughout, that balances the seriousness of the subject.

ResetThumbnailToday he is a sought after communications specialist, author and journalist who has a successful track record developing communications strategies that drive growth, build brand awareness, and solve business problems for companies in varying lifecycle stages.

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