How To Use Twitter in a Job Search

By Beverly Macy  @BeverlyMacy

By now, every job seeker today knows about the importance of personal branding and managing your online presence.  What about using social media platforms for job search? In addition to being a platform to showcase your expertise, Twitter is an excellent resource for information about jobs, employment, and careers.

Hashtags are searchable.  That means you can click on a hashtag and see all the recent posts related to that hashtag.  One of the earliest and best hashtags related to job hunting is #TweetMyJobs

#YouTern is another resource that you should check out.  This is a website and a hashtag that focuses on the world of internships and career management.  Mark Babbitt, the CEO of YouTern, has been a guest speaker at my class at UCLA Extension and he has tons of information available to you:  YouTern’s Top 50 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow (2014).

Finally, here are a few more tips from US News:  Companies who post jobs on Twitter often use these hashtags to ensure that job seekers like you find them.
1. #JobListing. This hashtag states the obvious. This tweet contains a job listing.
2. #JobOpening. Another general hashtag for jobs. You will see jobs in multiple industries and countries.
3. #GEJobs. Some larger companies use their own hashtag for jobs they post. While you might not be interested in working for GE, it’s an example of how companies use their own hashtags. See if companies you’re interested in have their own.
4. #Marketing. If you’re looking for a job in a particular field, try a specific hashtag like this. Job postings are few and far between, but you’ll learn a lot about that field and meet people to network with.
5. #JobTips. If you’re looking for career advice, you’ll find content and suggestions from hiring professionals and recruiters.
6. #Freelance. Mainly advice for freelancers, there are also a few freelance positions posted here.
7. #JobHuntChat. Some hashtags are used for regular events, called Twitter chats. This one is held on Monday nights from 10 to 11 p.m. ET, and you can find all manner of career experts to get advice from.
8. #Résumé. Get links to articles and advice to help you improve your résumé.
9. #GraduateJobs. If you just finished college, this hashtag will help you find entry-level positions open to grads.

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